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Syrian Arab Republic-Ministry Of Oil And Mineral Resources-Banias Refinery Company.  Tel : 00963 43711100/1/2/3/4     Fax.00963 43712325


BRC  Has Been Established By Presidential Decree No ./1035/In 1975

B.R.C. has been built under the contract No. /20/ in 1975 concluded with Romanian Industrialexport Import Company.

The Purpose of Contract :
Building a refinery for distilling crude oil and producing petroleum products in capacity of distillation equal to /6/ million metric tons per year turn key job in the north of coastal Banias- Tartous Mayoralty.

Two Annexes to the Contract :
First: No. /15/ for the year 1974. Its aim is feeding the Refinery with water from Alsin River.
Second: No. /2/ for the year 1976. Its aim is changing the blend of crude oil which was decided to be distillated in the Refinery subject of the contract No. /20/ to enable distilling blend of Light/Heavy Syrian Crude 50/50.

- The total period of performing contract No. /20/ and its

two annexes is /43/ months.
- Building of B.R.C. began in September 1975.
- the partial experimental operation test-run began on 28. 10. 1979 . The experiential operational days were /19/ days during 1979 and /131/days during 1980.
- In 1981 the whole Refinery was operated for purpose of guarantee tests.The temporary reception of the Refinery was oin 21. 3. 1982.
- The best way of expressing the capacity of the Refinery is that related to distillation of crude oil. Based on that, the Refinery was designed on a capacity of /6/ million tons blend Light / Heavy Syrian Crude Oil in ratios ranging between 80% Light and 20% Heavy up to 50% Light and 50% Heavy Syrian crude.

- The annual distillation since 1988 up till now has exceeded

the Design capacity and reached to ratios between 102% up to

117.08% of this capacity including fuel and naphtha received from Homs Refinery Company.

We point out that the irregular coming of imported oil which

is necessary for distillation stayed an obstacle in the face of regulating and increasing of production up to the time of feasibility of local light crude since 1987


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